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April 17-18            Spring Conference

                              Location: First Baptist Church, Butler

                              Hosts: Pastor Dave Maitland & Congregation

                              Speaker:  Dr. Marty Von (Church Care Ministry)

April 28-29             Youth Retreat and Talents for Christ

                               Location:  Calvary Baptist Church, Bloomsburg

                               Special Speaker:  Pastor Nathan Bramlet

                                                            (Grace Baptist Church, Kittanning)

                                *Bible Quizzing:  I Corinthians 9-16

                                *Bible Knowledge:  NT I Cor 9-16 and OT I Sam 15-31

Sep 11-13              Fall Conference

                               Location:  Marsh Creek Fellowship Baptist Church, Wellsboro

                               Hosts:  Pastor Keith Williams and Congregation

                               **Conference Schedule**

April 8-9, 2024       Spring Conference

                               Location:  Independent Baptist Church, Towanda

                               Hosts:  Pastor Donn Hauser and Congregation

Sept 16-18-2024    Fall Conference

                               Location:  Bible Baptist Church, Quakertown

                               Hosts:  Pastor Tom Harris and Congregation

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